How Do I Join Paw Club?

  • Set up an EZ Ship order with qualifying items you want delivered on a recurring basis.
  • You are now a member of the Paw Club!

Membership Is Rewarding!

  • Receive FREE SHIPPING* when you have 3 or more qualifying items* in your EZ Ship order
  • Paw Points rewarded for every dollar you spend
  • Paw Points can be redemmed for toys, beds and other items to pamper your pet
  • Pow Points are DOUBLED after your third EZ Shipment
  • Receive a 25% off shipping on EZ Ship orders with less than 3 qualifying items*

Free Shipping* is a perk of being a Paw Club Member

Qualify for FREE SHIPPING*
All You Need is 3!

Any 3 items on EZ Ship (excluding cat food and dog food - canned or kibble)

With 3 Even Food Ships FREE

Cat and dog food items now ship for free with the 3 qualifying items

A Few Exceptions...

Beds or bowls do not ship free and cannot be one of the 3 qualifying items. A non EZ Ship order does not ship free.

It feels great to be a part of an amazing pet community!
Come take a look at the options for getting started.

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Have a question? See our Paw Club FAQ