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Duraforce Boomerang 12" Blue/Green

Item: 2541


Ideal for:

  • Dogs
  • Moderate Chewers

Our Tuff Plush collection contains extremely durable pet toys that are perfect for dogs who need a tough toy for rough play. They are moderately thick for a good "mouth feel", and contain squeakers. Perfect for hours of playtime fun!                                                      

Measure's 12" Diameter                                                                             



What Makes These Toys So Tough?

  •   - Made with 2 layers of fabric that create a super tough woven mesh mat. The outer layer is made from plastic coated polyester fibers and the inner layer is polyester to make the toy more durable. Both layers are cross-stitched together.
  •   - Durable webbing around the edges.                                                                                         
  •   - Squeakers in safety pockets throughout!                                                                                                 


Yes, it's washable! Wash your pet toy by spot cleaning any soiled areas. Toys are also machine washable, but do not machine dry.                                                                                                   

Remove Loose Threads!               

Over time this toy will start to show wear. As your pet plays with the toy, your pet will begin to wear down the different layers of the toy. Remove loose threads to avoid ingestion.

If your pet reaches the squeaker, remove and discard immediately.

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