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Fleas Navidog Gift Set

Item: GS0009



  • Flea & Tick Spray
  • Skin Support Spray
  • pawTreats® Freeze-Dried Chicken, Apples & Kale

Do you know an itchy dog?  One that just can’t get comfortable at any time of the year? They have Hot Spots, red skin, itchy ears? This gift set contains the answer ditch that itch with our Flea & Tick Spray, Skin Support Spray and Freeze-Dried Chicken, Apples & Kale pawTreats. It’s the gift that will stop all those itches and twitches, along with a delicious treat to eat.


  • Flea & Tick Spray
  • Skin Support Spray
  • pawTreats® Freeze-Dried Chicken, Apples & Kale


Skin Support Plus


Soothes Skin on Contact


This soothing blend of tea tree oil, aloe vera and chamomile works synergistically to treat and ease the discomfort of environmental allergies, hot spots, abrasions and other skin problems in dogs. Skin Support Plus provides gentle, natural and immediate relief of itchy or irritated skin.


Key Benefits:

  • Quickly soothes irritated skin
  • Alcohol-free, no-sting formula
  • Will not affect topical flea control products
  • All natural


Developed by a Veterinarian

Made in the U.S.A.


Provides gentle, natural and immediate relief of itchy or irritated skin. This soothing blend of tea tree oil, aloe vera, and chamomile works synergistically to treat and ease the discomfort of environmental allergies, abrasions, cuts and other skin problems in dogs.

This alcohol-free, no mess, non-stinging formula will give your best friend instant relief!



Flea & Tick Spray


Flea & Tick Spray – The Natural Way!


 This unique blend of peppermint oil and clove oil extract kills fleas and ticks by contact and helps prevent future infestations naturally. pawTree® has blended these natural ingredients that work together to comfort and protect your pet. Use it directly on your pet's bedding, pillows, blankets, carpets and rugs or spray it directly on your pet over 12 weeks old.


Key Benefits:

  • Kills fleas, flea eggs, ticks and mosquitoes by contact
  • Repels mosquitoes
  • Contains absolutely no pyrethrins or cedar oil
  • Fresh, invigorating scent
  • All natural


Developed by a Veterinarian

Made in the U.S.A.



Freeze-Dried Chicken, Apples & Kale


Unlike most pet treats on the market that are made up of empty calories and fillers, and are high in carbohydrates, pawTreats are made with real meat and complementary fruits and vegetables. No fillers whatsoever! They're all natural and completely grain free. Available in freeze-dried or dry-roasted varieties to preserve the goodness of our ingredients.


Freeze-Dried Process


Freeze-dried is the closest to real food that you can get in a shelf stable form. Our freeze-dried treats are minimally processed so all the goodness stays in. Freeze drying is the process where the product is put into a frozen state and then into a freeze dryer – a large chamber that is pressurized and takes the meat directly from the frozen state to a dry state skipping the "wet" state). The result is delicious meaty treats that are high in protein and completely yappetizing!


Try Our Surprise Me! Treats


Don’t know what to choose? Let us choose for you with our Surprise Me! Treats. Your dog or cat will receive a special surprise as often as you want! We’ll select one of our nutritious and delicious pawTreats and have it delivered right to your door! You can use our meaty treats to make delicious recipes at mealtime, or straight out of the bag for multiple treating occasions. It’s a fun surprise for you and your BFF (Best Furry Friend). Choose to get this monthly, and treat them right!


Makes a great gift idea! (We can ship to multiple locations)


Skin Support Plus




  • Tea Tree Oil – an effective natural remedy for rashes, blisters, sunburns, insect bites and other minor irritations
  • Aloe Vera – soothes, moisturizes and cools irritated skin while reducing inflammation and pain
  • Chamomile – contains antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and sedative properties


For animal use only.


Spray directly on raw, irritated skin. Repeat 1-4 times daily as needed. If your dog suffers from flea allergies, spray the dog's entire body daily or as needed.


The hot spots that can result from excessive licking and chewing usually are secondary bacterial infections in the raw skin. They can start off looking like a little red area the size of a dime, and quickly spread to become a huge, oozing lesion by the end of the day. Hot spots can be very painful and should get immediate attention.


Work with your vet to identify the underlying cause, whether allergies to fleas, pollen or food, and eliminate it. Many veterinarians prescribe cortisone, an anti-inflammatory steroid, to stop the itch-scratch cycle and antibiotics to fight the infection. But unfortunately, steroids can have serious side effects over an extended period of time. And many topical sprays contain alcohol, lidocaine, hydrocortisone, or other harsh chemical ingredients that can damage, burn or dry out your pet's skin.


A more natural approach is often the most effective. Australian tea tree oil is a natural healing ingredient that has been used for centuries by Aborigines to protect the skin, reduce inflammation and itching, and clean infected areas. Aloe Vera and Chamomile are soothing ingredients to ease pain and promote healing. At the same time, a proper nutrition plan and diet can help to fortify overall skin health.



Flea & Tick Spray


Active Ingredients:


Peppermint Oil                 0.30%
Eugenol (Clove Extract)    0.70%
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate       2.70%
Inert Ingredients*          96.30%
TOTAL                         100.00%


*Water, Sodium Benzoate


For animal use only.


The key to getting your pets flea-free is keeping fleas out of their environment. Don't just shampoo your pets but regularly clean their sleeping areas as well. Consult with your local organic garden store to learn healthy ways to keep fleas out of your house and yard. And, remember, a healthy coat is great protection from all kinds of things, even fleas.


When faced with a stubborn flea infestation, here's a three-step plan to follow for clearing fleas from your pet's environment, keeping them off each pet and using the right skin care to promote healthy skin and coats.


Step 1: Treat your house and yard against fleas. Fleas don't live on your pet. They just hop on to bite. Be sure that the treatment kills not only the adult fleas but also the flea larvae, which otherwise will hatch in a week or two to re-infest the area. Repeated treatments are recommended.


Step 2: Wash pet bedding and vacuum thoroughly before the treatment. Throw away the vacuum bag. And wash your pet's bedding often.


Step 3: Coordinate those steps with baths for all of your pets.



Freeze Dried Chicken, Apples & Kale



- Chicken, Apples, Kale


Guaranteed Analysis:

Crude Protein (min)        52%
Crude Fat (min)              15%
Crude Fiber (max)            4%
Moisture (max)                6%


Calorie Content ME (Calculated)
4,036 kcal/kg 8 kcal/treat*


*based on an average treat size of 2 grams

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