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Veterinary Advisory Council

We are fortunate to have an incredible group of professional advisors who bring a wealth of knowledge, training and formal education to the pawTree® family.

We have deliberately included not only advisors who are respected by their peers and experts in their chosen fields but also experts with diverse backgrounds which allows us to address unique needs of pet parents. Our advisors have experience with product development and formulation, publishing, public speaking and decades of combined experience in clinical and hospital care.

We have taken great care to select advisors who have varied backgrounds and experiences to help ensure the best possible overall product and experience for our pawTree® pet parents and their pets.

Get a Customized Nutrition Plan
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As a pet parent, we know you want to provide nutritious and delicious meals to not just help
your pet survive but to thrive.


How it works

Simply tell us a little bit about your pet and we will provide you a customized nutrition plan, developed by vets and nutritionist based on their unique needs.

What’s Inside

A variety of food, supplements, treats and more - customized to the needs of your pet.

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